RAR Password Recovery on GPU

Recently at least two RAR password recovery programs with GPU acceleration were released. The first was new 3.2 version of cRARk supporting CUDA technology. The second was a new igrargpu program written by Ivan Golubev.

At first igrargpu supported only šAMD/ATI HD 47xx-48xx video cards, but from 0.3 version šNVIDIA CUDA support was added. Also, first versions supported only RAR 3.x archives with the encrypted headers and only dictionary attack, but now it has more functionality.

cRARk is the program of mine, with the first release in late 1995, and now, I hope, is the best and professional solution for RAR password recovery with a lot of features and special password definition language.

The most important thing that these programs show the unprecedented for today speed on RAR password recovery – thousand passwords per second. Till now the most perfect programs with multi-core search, had a speed nearer 1.000 passwords per second (and please remember that some years ago, when new 3rd versions RAR were released, assumptions of the recovery speed were ‘few passwords per a second’).

CPU (on one core) NVIDIA 8600GTS

(32 SP, $50)


(216 SP, $200)

ATI HD 4850

(800 SP, $130)

cRARk 140 360 2400 -
igrargpu - 400 2500 3100

Table. Speed of 4-character RAR passwords search on CPU and GPU, passwords/sec

UPD. Ivan Golubev has just released 0.1 version of his ighashgpu program, which as he claims, is the fastest MD5/SHA hash cracker on ATI cards.

  • By gogo, October 11, 2009 @ 10:44 pm

    I’m using 2 8800gts 640mb in sli G80, and it works only with igrargpu. crark doens’t detect the cards (no cuda device detected, using cpu is the message) . vista x64 plain, forceware 190.62

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