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MS Office encryption: keep making the old mistake

In one of the last articles I considered in details the process of the encryption evolution in different MS Office versions and concluded that it became better and better with every next version. However, as it is often happens in a updating of a software version, the new problems can appear unexpectadly, proving that the best is the enemy of the good. Read more »

In the beginning there was the word

… and the word was 4 bits, because the first microprocessor Intel 4004, produced in 1971, was 4-bit. We will repeatedly return to the processors, its characteristics and evolution in this blog, but let me introduce myself.

My name is Pavel Semjanov and more than 15 years I practice the computer security and work at St. Petersburg Technical University. šThe cryptography, particularly its practical application in various computer systems, became one of my hobbies from the very beginning. Another my hobby closely connected with work became the software developing for analysis of cryptographic system vulnerability and mainly password cracking (or in other words, password recovery).

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