Guaranteed Excel Decrypter (GuaExcel)


Ms Excel Password removal utility

Dec, 2012: new 1.8 version with OpenCL support

This is an utility to:
    Designed for OpenCL Designed for NVidia CUDA
  • decrypt any Excel 97/2000 files with password for opening and
  • decrypt Excel XP/2002/2003 files in default (40-bit) encryption mode.
Do not use it for:
  • decryption of Excel files versions prior to 97 (8.0)
  • French Excel (any version)
  • files using new Office XP/2003/2007/2010 encryption with 128-256 bit key length. Please look at fast, GPU-enabled MS Office XP/2007 password recovery software
  • finding read-only, workbook and other passwords. In this case look at the other page to find necessary utility.

How to test if your file is supported? Download and run demo version

This is a command-line utility for Win32 and Linux (DOS version can still also be obtained).

Please note this program will not recover your password, but it can remove any-length, any-language password from your document. Why? Because is not usual password recovery software.

Decryption of any file is guaranteed.
It's well known that MS Office 97/2000 (as well as Office XP/2003 in default mode) uses encryption with 40 bit keys. So, you need to test only 240 (about one trillion) keys to decrypt your file with guarantee. GuaExcel does it, and key testing will take less than 1 day on the PC with modern video card. Within this time (and in average within the half of this time) ANY file, encrypted with ANY password (no matter what length of the password is or what language or symbols used, etc) can be decrypted.

Moreover, GuaExcel offers SMP/distributed computing mechanism (via the shared directory) and you get the result even faster if you've got multi-core system or several computers connected in Local Area Network.

GuaExcel is world's first software with GPU acceleration of 40-bit Office encryption
Advantages of GuaExcel are:
  • 100% guarantee of decryption regardless of password used
  • Very high rate (optimized for Celeron/Pentium II/III/4/AMD/Core 2 architecture)
  • NEW Support of GPU computing using OpenCL technology. Multiple GPUs are also supported
  • Support of distributed cracking on the network as well as dual/dual-core/quad/SMP computers
  • Portability (Windows and Linux versions are available)
  • Confidentiality (you crack your secret files, not someone from cracking service)
  • Search for file-independent key, allowing to instantly decrypt files with the same password
  • Decryption of file with known password (very useful for Office files recovery programs that don't support encrypted files)
  • DEMO. The version demonstrates major GuaExcel features, but can process file with fixed password 'nyxo' only. It's FREE

Commercial versions include:

  • 4 clients version. It contains full key searching and decryption functionality, but only on one (local) computer. Supports up to 4 cores and/or one GPU client. Best for individual users!
  • 20 clients version has the special mechanism and the key searching is automatically distributing over several computers of your network.This version can also be used on local powerful computers - it supports up to 8 CPU cores and up to 8 GPU simultaneously!

All these version are licensed for non-commercial purposes only. If you wish to use GuaExcel to make any profit you should use

  • unlimited, most powerful version with no limitations. It costs €/$150, but you can decrypt your file in minutes! (if you've got enough computers).
File- dependent key searching and decryption of THIS file
File- independent key searching and decryption of ANY file with the same password
Distributed mechanism
GPU support
Average time to decrypt (on Core 2 Duo E6300)
Average time to decrypt (on NVIDIA GTX 260)
YES (only fixed password)
YES (only fixed password)
NO (only 1 computer)
YES, 1 GPU unit
Freely distributable
4 clients
YES, 1 GPU unit
Non - commercial
1 day (on 4 cores)
12 hours
YES, 20 clients max.
YES, 8 GPU's max
Non - commercial
5 hours  (on 20 clients)
6 hours (on dual-GPU system)
YES, any number of CPU and GPU clients
Depends of number of clients

Download it to test your file and to estimate the decryption time on your computer:

NEW GuaExcel v. 1.8 DEMO for Win32/Win64 (300K)
If you got error message like "The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect" you should install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

GuaExcel v. 1.7 DEMO for Linux (ELF, CPU + GPU clients, 400K)

Order the commercial versions over the Internet worldwide using secure connection. This means no one can intercept your confidential information. (Please note I also don't have an access to this information because card will be charged by ordering services listed below). The temporarily link to the fully functional version you receive immediately after verifying your order. Normally you'll get the program within 10-15 minutes.
Service #1 (preferred)
Service #2 (if you can't use #1 for some reason)
Name and address
ShareIt! element 5 AG Vogelsanger Str. 78 D-50823 Cologne Germany
Register Now! P.O. Box 1816 Issaquah, WA 98027 USA
USD/Euro (1€ = 1$ !)
Credit cards
Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express and Diner's Club
Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express and Discover
Other methods
Bank/wire transfer, check, cash. Fax.
Check/money order by mail. Fax. Purchase order.
More info
If you won't get the program within 12 hours after ordering, please contact me!
Специальное предложение для жителей бывшего СССР - русская версия GuaExcel за рубли по специальной цене (1$ = 13 руб.). Подробнее об этом сервисе здесь.

Ее можно оплатить напрямую Яндекс.Деньгами, при этом действует скидка 30%. Запустите свой Интернет.Кошелек и нажмите на кнопку.

FAQ and support
  • Q. How to run your program?

    A. This is a command-line (console) utility. Run it from Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt. The detailed instructions are in readme file. Also, if you've got an error: "The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.", try to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

  • Q: How to use my GPU card?

    A: You need modern NVIDIA video card (8xxx serie and up); or AMD Radeon (HD 5xxx and up) and the latest drivers.

  • Q: How to achieve maximal key testing rate?

    A: You should run as many instances of CPU clients of GuaWord as many CPU cores you have and as many GPU clients as many GPU cards you have. NOTE: on some systems with powerful GPU's the amount of CPU clients should be decreased. You may experiment by yourself to get optimal configuration.

More questions and answers you'll find in the GuaExcel FAQ.

Only legal customers are supported. No claims and question about freeware version will be accepted, but I'll appreciate the constructive feedback. Also contact me if you have any problems with ordering the program.

Please send any comments and bugs to In case of the bug reported I'll update program as soon as possible.

You may submit your opinion/read other opinions here.

Version history
  • OpenCL support of most NVIDIA and AMD GPUs
  • NVIDIA CUDA support - up to 8x speed-up on GTX 2xx cards
  • "Permission denied" bug on Windows Vista fixed
  • 4-clients version instead of 2-clients, 20-clients instead of 5 and 10-clients
  • 25% speed-up on Core 2 chips. The theoretical value of 1500 ticks per password has been beat.
  • /s option is available in all versions
  • 25-35% speed-up on Pentium 4 and AMD, a little bit on Pentium III. /f option is now obsolete.
  • Kernel crypto function for any processor now can be easily added and the best rate functions are choosen automatically.
  • Interruption by Ctrl+C bug on multiprocessor and P4 HyperThreading computers fixed.
  • 2-clients version instead of 1-client (for the same price) to use the power of dual/dual-core processors.
  • Full Win32 console application (DOS version still may be obtained)
  • Pentium 4 optimization
  • More accurate estimated time calculation
  • Bug in parsing of write-protected files fixed
  • File corruption test added
1.2: (versions 1.0, 1.1 skipped to remain compatibility with current GuaWord version):
  • First client now can be considered as "server". The decryption is performed on this client only. New /1 option. (Network versions)
  • New /p option to decrypt files with known password.
  • Linux version available.
  • First (BETA) version released.

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