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Fastest, tested, mostly free password recovery software with benchmarks and review
Archives → RAR password recovery → cRARk modified: [2012-01-17]
Password recovery tools
cRARk ver. 3.4b
Size: 450K
WinXP-2003; Vista/7; Unix,Linux; Mac
+++ (2.75 / 1081 votes)
Release date: [2011-12-07]

by P. Semjanov

Benchmarks, passwords/sec

Pentium 4 rate: 50 (rar 3.0) / 5300 (rar 2.0)
Core 2 Duo rate: 140 (rar 3.0) / 9000 (rar 2.0)
AMD rate : 55 (rar 3.0 / 6900 (rar 2.0)
CUDA rate : 2400 (rar 3.0)
Optimized for Pentium II/III; Pentium 4; Core 2; AMD; NVIDIA GPU; ATI GPU

A command-line utility for RAR 2.x-3.x-4.x password cracking, uses Password Cracking Library 2.0 that supports special password recovery language. Multi-volume, self-extracting, encrypted headers archives supported. Highly optimized for all modern processors, supports NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL technology.
Attacks:  brute-force; dictionary; rule-based

Price:  Free
    What's new in the latest version:

    OpenCL support for both NVIDIA and AMD GPU's, newest CPU (including Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer) support.
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