Password Cracking Library (PCL)

You could write your own powerful password cracker in a minutes!

PCL 3.0 engine is done

PCL 3.0 and Password Definition Language is licenced by Parallel Password Recovery

What will be in 3.0 version:

  • Distributed and multi-core cracking mechanism (including distribution of brute-force, dictionary, permutations)!
  • More improvemnets, including pause/resume recovery
  • New generators, new modifiers and new rules for password description

NEWLatest 2.x compatible version (2.0c) is available in source form!

Any portability fixes, bugs, ideas are welcome!

New version 2.0 released which includes

  • Any (european) language and encoding support
  • User-defined charsets
  • New modifiers, including user-defined conversion tables
  • Timing and benchmarking functions
  • Any password length

PCL allows you to write own password cracking software with standart features:

  • powerful dictionary attack with word modifiers
  • brute force (with or without known chars) attack
  • misspelled password recovery, and more

using special and simple password definition language.


  • Current version: 2.0c.
  • Implemented in cRARk & YAAC programs.
  • Sources are free for use in non-commercial software if reference to PCL exists.
  • See license here.


Version 2.0c sources:

Version 2.x binaries:

  • - for Turbo/Borland C/C++ compiler, 16/32 bit versions. (2.0b)
  • - for Watcom C/C++ compiler, 16/32 bit versions (2.0b)
  • - for gcc/DJGPP compiler, Linux/BeOS/DOS versions. (2.0c)

Version 1.1a binaries:

Any suggestions and recomendations will be very appreciated.

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