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But we recommend to use new instant Word/Excel decryption programs!

Now it became possible to decrypt in 10 seconds Word 97/2000, Excel 97/2000 files (and XP version in default encryption mode), encrypted with password for opening. Any file can be decrypted regardless of the password used. Why? Because the software does NOT test all possible passwords (their number is infinite) like traditional password recovery software does, it tests all possible keys (their number is finite).
Decryption of any file is guaranteed.
Microsoft Office since version 97 as well as PDF password protection uses rather strong encryption algorithm, but because of U.S. crypto export regulations,the key length is only 40 bits. So, you need to test only 240 keys (not passwords) to decrypt your file with guarantee. Using huge pre-computed data stored on the server, it is possible to find the right key in few seconds. Within this time ANY file, encrypted with ANY password (no matter what length of the password is or what language or symbols are used, etc) can be decrypted.
Advantages of such software are:
  • 100% guarantee of decryption regardless of password used
  • Quite instant (decryption is possible in 10-20 seconds! Internet connection required)
  • Confidentiality (you DON'T send your file to the server, only few dozen bytes of it)
Decryption Price
One license includes the online decryption for a single file with password for opening.
  • 1 License: $ 29.95
  • 2 - 5 Licenses: $ 27.95
  • 6 - 9 Licenses: $ 25.95
  • 10 - 19 Licenses: $ 22.95
  • 20 - 49 Licenses: $ 19.95
  • 50+ Licenses: $ 14.95
Word instant decryption Excel instant decryption
Word instant password recovery Excel instant password recovery
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